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Concert Crowd
Our Story is a messaging and content sharing platform that empowers you - the artist, content creator, business, personality, or brand - to easily sell your content directly to your audience, build direct connections, and communicate with your fans & followers en masse or one-to-one via SMS text messaging.

Our Vision

We help you boost earnings from your content, build a bigger, more engaged audience, and give you control of your platform. With a 98% open rate, there is no better platform to reach the people who are important to you.

Our Tech is a tool that allows pay-per-stream sales inside of existing social media. In addition,'s AI algorithms allow you to own and control the audience data collected. You select who to message based on location or custom groups, and easily text and sell content, pictures, products, and more.


Located in Los Angeles,’s parent company, Embershot is a web-based platform that allows the sharing of photos, documents, videos, and audio files while maintaining control over what recipients can do with the media and how long they have access to the content. Embershot developed out of a major studio’s distinct request for the company’s founder to build a product to securely manage its scripts and intellectual property. 


Embershot then began its expansion, focused on the development of a game-changing texting and pay-per-view content sharing platform called With the goal to reach into untapped markets and find a way for everyday creators and consumers to better utilize Embershot’s data management platform, Embershot created a new application which allows brands and internet personalities to easily monetize their content and directly engage with their audiences through text messaging and email. also allows its users to coordinate marketing strategies based on valuable data collected by Embershot.'s patented ability to distribute millions of SMS text messages in seconds marks the beginning of a new era of business to consumer communications, as most systems are restricted by a cap on the number of text messages sent per minute.


The combination of's mass text messaging ability, it’s pay-per-view technology, and its built-in automated audience segmentation and marketing campaigns make it an extremely valuable communications tool for businesses, brands, personalities, and other influencers.

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