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Easily sell digital content directly to social media
fans and followers
with Content Tokens

1 in 3 internet users would pay for exclusive content from their favorite creators
Start getting paid for content you are already making.
Who can use
  • A platform for Creators of any kind...Musicians, Artists, Comedians, Podcasters, Influencers, Authors, Athletes, anyone with content to sell 

  • is the only tool that helps creators get paid for their content directly inside existing social media apps

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What Can You Sell?
  • Music, Videos, Photos, Art, Documents, E-books, and Podcasts

  • Sell digital content for as little as 25¢

  • Simple access to pirate-proof content at impulse purchase prices means more money from your audience

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Need Inspiration? 
  • Charge $2.99 for an exclusive version of a song

  • Charge $4.99 for a 10-minute stand-up set

  • Charge $10 for an exclusive set of photos

  • Charge $5 for an extended podcast

  • Charge $20 for an exclusive video & raise proceeds for your nonprofit

  • Charge a donation fee for an independent film

  • Charge $15 for an independent ebook, or $2.50 for a short story

How Works for Content Creators
Pay-per-stream inside of existing social media

How It Works

Create an Account

  • Go to to enter your number, and then enter the verification number texted to your phone.

  • Create Your Account and give it a name.

  • Upload Media, set a price, number of editions, and royalty rate if you wish.

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Share Media & Make Money

  • Post Links to your website and on all your social media pages.

  • Your Audience Pays and views content directly inside any social media app.

  • Get paid weekly, 88% of total income.

  • New Viewers get added to your Contacts for future direct sales.

  • Promote & Sell pirate-proof content directly to your audience via SMS text.

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Build Direct Connections



Engage with Your Audience

  • Engage with fans and followers one-to-one or on a mass level in an organic way - through SMS text message.

  • Get to Know your audience & their engagement levels. Then message & promote to them accordingly.

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