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Non-Profits Partnering with Authors, Artists & Creators to

Raise Funds & Grow Community


The Problem

Missed Opportunities for Partnership

Not-for-profit organizations struggle to reach new donors & raise funds

For any cause, there is a huge pool of potential small dollar donors waiting to be unlocked if it could be done efficiently

Current platforms for collaboration between nonprofits and writers, artists, filmmakers, and content creators are limited

Existing platforms retain all the user data and nonprofits cannot directly connect with their potential online audience

The Solution


A platform where digital content can be purchased efficiently at accessible price points and the revenue split for every transaction.

Audience data collected and provided to the not-for-profit entity includes verified contact and engagement information.

Works inside of all existing social media platforms, so you can meet the audience where they are.

Enhances reach, exposure and influence while nurturing sustained audience engagement in a unique creative fashion.

Everyone Wins!!


The Plan

Creators collaborate with their preferred nonprofits to launch limited-time activations, offering exclusive content like eBooks, imagery, or multimedia files for a fee.

A share of the proceeds benefits the nonprofit, and comprehensive audience data is shared among participants.

The partnership is promoted through a strategic social media campaign, featuring personalized content such as creator videos or interviews with nonprofit executives. facilitates the entire process, managing the activations for a seamless experience.

(RED) is an organization that was founded by Bono from U2 and Bobby Shriver with the aim of eliminating HIV/AIDS in Africa. They raise awareness and funds for this cause primarily by partnering with brands and celebrities. Some of the celebrities that have supported (RED) include Alicia Keys, Benicio del Toro, Bryan Cranston, Chris Rock, Christy Turlington, Common, David Guetta, Dr. Dre, Sting and Elle Macpherson.


(RED) has had longstanding partnerships with companies like Apple, which has raised nearly $270 million for the cause through the sale of (PRODUCT)RED devices and accessories. The funds raised are directed to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.


In terms of impact, (RED)-funded grants support a wide range of life-saving HIV/AIDS programs, including prevention, testing, counseling, treatment services, sexual reproductive health education, peer mentorship programs, and more. Their efforts have positively impacted more than 245 million lives, with over 25 million people living with HIV now having access to life-saving medication. AIDS-related deaths have declined by 60% since their peak in 2003, and the number of babies born each day with HIV has declined by more than two thirds since 2000.

Similar Activations Have


Very Successful



American heart Association

Stand up to Cancer

It Works Give Mobile.png


PACKAGE CONTENT helps manage and configure digital assets and customize settings e.g. logo, pricing, revenue splits, info links, etc.



Not-for-profit organization and author promote links, QR codes, embedded code via social media, websites, email, newsletters, ads, etc.



Users purchase & read eBook, custom auto-message is sent & a direct connection is made for future outreach.



Custom revenue splits are made automatically & proceeds are transferred out directly via ACH.

A Unique & Powerful Tool

Purchase and access content anywhere
Easy frictionless payment
Can be integrated with existing non-profit CRM systems
$2 for an exclusive ebook chapter
$5 for a  commermorative bookazine
$1000 for a digitized exclusive art piece
$1.99 for
a premium podcast
$5 for an extended version of a music or video
$25 for an exclusive video, tv series or film Content Examples.png

Transforms Content Into Kindness

  • Can work with any type of digital content

  • Allows partnership with individuals or organizations that control creative IP across a range of industries

  • Simply managed by client services or existing in-house digital teams

We currently work with Hollywood Studios handling high value content

Embershot Clients Graphic.png uses the same technology that powers Embershot, our highly secure script and document distribution system.

Our founder, Eric Hayes, also founded Cast It Systems, the premiere online video casting platform.

Scalable, proven infrastructure & technology. 400,000+ existing users, 140,000+ pieces of content.

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