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Concert Crowd

Bigger Audience
Better Engagement
More Super Fans

Knowing precisely who your audience is allows you to send them the right message. Targeting customized content and text messaging to audience groups boosts engagement and sales - of digital goods, tickets, and merchandise. Open Rates
4x Higher Than Email Read Rates
3x Higher Than Twitter
7x Higher Than Facebook VS. Email
4x High Click-Through Rate
4x Higher Open Rate
15x Faster Read Time
10X Less Opt-Outs
CPS = Cost per send  |  CTR = Click-through rate
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  • 5 Billion People Text around the world

  • 96% of Americans own a mobile phone

  • 98% Open Rate on text messages

  • 90% of Texts are Read within 3 Minutes

  • Texting Works Better than email and social media

  • Cost-Per-Click is Lower than email and social media

  • Click-Through Rates are Higher than email & social media

Image by Stephen Dawson

SMS vs Email guarantees Better Open & Click-Through Rates than email and social media.
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