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Concerts / Events
  • Ticket and venue links

  • Upcoming Pay-per-view or subscription events

  • Directions, parking, and check-in information

Music / Merchandise
  • New songs, music videos, and album releases

  • Online store and merchandise links

  • Promo and discount codes

What's Happening
  • Behind the scenes pictures

  • Promote social media topics

  • One-to-one chats or mass broadcast about daily activities and happenings

How Works for Musicians
A few things you can text your audience to keep them engaged, informed, and inspired.

How it works

Create an Account

  • Go to to enter your number, and then enter the verification number texted to your phone.

  • Create Your Audience and give them a name.

  • Upload Media and customize your audience.

Invite Everyone

  • Post Content to your website, and social media pages.

  • Send an Invite to all your friends, fans, and followers.

  • Share Your QR Code on merchandise, posters, flyers, and promotional materials.

Engage With Everyone

  • Choose Your Audience prior to each text -- everyone, a small group, or a one-on-one chat.

  • And Simply Text what’s happening in your world -- content, events, broadcasts, news, pictures, recent topics, and more!

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