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Knowing Your Audience and Connecting with Voters is Crucial

Reach More Voters. Make More Connections.

Voters are 78% more likely to read a text message over email. There is no better platform to ensure your messages are going directly to your voters.

Ex. Jane for President
Your Platform
  • Share policy positions

  • Provide new legislation information and updates

  • Share upcoming event info

  • Send voting info, locations, and times

Get Involved
  • Ask people to make calls

  • Invite supporters to hand out signs and stickers

  • Share donation links

  • Connect people to your website for merchandise

What's Happening
  • Share interviews and behind the scene clips

  • Promote social media topics

  • Engage in one-to-one chats or mass broadcast daily events and happenings

We help you utilize targeted customized content and text messaging for specific audience groups to boost engagement and participation on hot topics, voting information,  fundraising events, and more.

Why Choose

How it works


Create an Account

  • Go to to enter your number, and then enter the verification number texted to your phone.

  • Create Your Campaign Audience and give them a name (Ex. Dan for City Council).

  • Upload a Campaign Video and and auto-send to people as they sign up.


Invite Everyone

  • Post Content to your website, and social media pages.

  • Send an Invite to every voter and constituent in your area.

  • Share Your QR Code on merchandise, posters, flyers, and promotional materials.


Engage With Everyone

  • Choose Your Audience prior to each text -- everyone, a small group, or a one-on-one chat.

  • And Simply Text what’s happening in your world -- content, events, broadcasts, news, pictures, recent topics, and more!

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